Not going to lie, I’ve been finding it difficult to form an opinion on the women’s division lately.

On one hand, there has been progress—but the pace is still incredibly slow. Storylines are occurring simultaneously—but they’re mostly weak and petty with no solid foundation. Is it more important to evaluate the progress in comparison to WWE’s treatment of their women wrestlers as late as 2010, or rather at face value?

Because if we do it through the former, we should definitely acknowledge that there has been tremendous improvement. But if we examine it through the latter, then we can’t in good conscience say there has been progress—because we should always want better things for these women in the division. And what they’re getting right now is “not good enough.”

In the end, I think it’s because I found it so exhausting to continue getting angry about how the Divas Division “literally didn’t exist” that as soon as we started to get fed a couple of Divas matches/segments in one show, I latched onto it so I could be happy about something.

Bleh, I don’t know.

2014 Summerslam Promo


It’s crazy how much healthier he looks after leaving.

Full confession: Honestly, Eva Marie inspires me. Why? Because she’s clearly fully enjoying her life despite having formally battled with alcoholism, having a pretty emotionally manipulative family, and even experiencing the trauma of having her fertility in question. In her interviews, she stated that her main goal is to improve in the ring, and that she wants to be the best Diva she can be. She absolutely does care about the biz and doesn’t deserve the rude comments she gets. I’m going to keep being her fan and keep believing in her, because she can only get better. Go Eva!”

"Now I’ll admit it. I’m mad. I’m very mad today. I’m madder than I’ve ever been in a long time, but I have options on how I handle this. I have options.

Paige, what happened out there with you and AJ?

"Everybody listen: I need you to pay attention to what I’m about to say. This is exactly what I have been talking about. You cannot move ahead by shaking hands, kissing babies, singing and dancing like a puppet! You cannot move ahead by always doing what you’re told.

Now…this is our time.

This is our place.

It is time for us to find focus. It is up to us to find order.

Together, it is our time to find purpose. Because we do not ASK any longer.

Now…we TAKE!”

Honestly I can watch Stephanie McMahon get arrested over and over again without getting sick of it.



this is my favourite Sandingus thing ever



Seriously, imagine Brie getting tossed out of the back of the arena and finding Dean there, leaned up against the wall and he’s like, “You too? C’mere, lemme show you how to jimmy the lock on their car and we’ll get you into the trunk— works like a charm. Oh, and here’s some chips, because you’re gonna be in there awhile and you’ll probably get hungry.” 

AJ Lee’s new titantron.


There’s The Brock Lesnar Guy


There’s The ‘Undertaker Lost At Wrestlemania ’ Guy


Now We Have A Brie Bella Guy